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F1 Academy Masterclass

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Are you tired of trying to navigate the stock market without a proper understanding of how it works? Look no further than our F1 Masterclass Course! Our course is specifically designed to give you an in-depth understanding and practical insight of how you can apply technical analysis to identify and trade successfully on KLSE stocks with time-tested techniques and tactics.

But this isn't just any ordinary course - you'll have the opportunity to experience live trading and learn the secrets revealed by the F1 TAD System on how to track the winning stocks. With our course, you'll be able to ENTER and EXIT stocks in the right way at the right time, just like legendary trader Richard Dennis who made over $100 million with less than $5,000. Our course will teach you the same techniques that made him successful and show you how to become a professional trader.

Who should attend this course? Whether you're a newbie looking to venture into stock trading, a trader wanting to enhance your trading performance, or an individual wanting to know the secrets of "Enter and Exit" a stock to maximize profits, our F1 MasterClass course is perfect for you. Our renown author and educator, Mr. Fred Tam, will guide you through everything you need to know to become one of our past students who have become successful traders.

What will you learn? Our course covers everything from the importance of trend to power chart patterns breakout systems, famous candlestick B.L.A.S.H. (Buy Low Sell High System), and even University Malaya's award-winning computerized T.A.D trading system. You'll also learn about the importance of "3-M's (Method, Money Management, Mindset)," so you can develop the skills you need to become a professional trader.

But that's not all - our course is value-added with daily newsletters for four months, trading software and TAD system for four months, telegram support for four months, free repeats for active members, and three months mentoring with Sifu Fred Tam. With all these added benefits, you're getting a total value of RM26,880!

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