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A comprehensive guide to profiting from candlestick charting techniques

Japanese candlestick charting is a time-tested and highly effective method for timing the market for short-term and long-term profits. With hundreds of illustrated charts taken from leading international companies, noted author and futures trading expert Fred Tam demonstrates the predictive power of candlestick charting signals and how to properly integrate them with proven Western technical analysis techniques to maximize returns in any market.

The Power of Japanese Candlestick Charts explores the many advantages of the candlestick charting methodology, including:

Leading Indicator–the ability to show reversal signals earlier than Western charting techniques

Visual – pictorial chart construction allows traders to immediately recognize buy and sell signals

Versatile – can be used alone or with Western technical analysis techniques

Flexible – can be used across any time dimension and with any market or multiple markets simultaneously. Candlestick charting is a proven methodology as a stand-alone market analysis tool, but Mr. Tam contends that it is even more powerful when combined with trend analysis and technical indicators like Moving Average, RSI, Momentum, MACD, Stochastic, DMI, CCI, Percent R, Bollinger Bands, and Elliott Wave Theory. The Power of Japanese Candlestick Chartsis a comprehensive and valuable guide to candlestick charting that is perfect for analysts, stock or day traders, and short-term position traders.

Publishers : John Wiley and Sons

(Steve Nison endorsement of Fred Tam book “The Power of Japanese Candlestick Chart”.)

“Fred Tam’s new book is a welcome addition to the field of Japanese candlestick charting. This book has the same attributes of candle charts, they are clear, concise and give powerful insights.